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7 Ways To Create an Incredible Home Office For Productivity

Looking to set up your home office in style but need help figuring out where to start? You want to create an inspiring and productive workspace that is also warm and comfortable — a business oasis: best of all, you want it to feel like a place that’s tailored to you and your unique productivity needs.


Studies show that home working leads to a 13% increase in productivity, so immerse yourself in the luxurious and calming products of your workspace, infused with modern technology to aid your work life.


Here are 7 ways to create an incredible home office that optimises your productivity.


A home office setup for ultimate productivity, including an ergonomic desk and chair for improved productivity.


Everything You Need In One Place


Minimalism is all about clean lines, open spaces and a focus on the essentials. But when it comes to your office space, minimalism doesn’t have to mean a lack of luxury.


When it comes to modern technology, you want to be able to do everything you need whilst looking good. It can be incredibly frustrating to be constantly getting up and walking across the room to use your charger or forced to wrap up to stay warm at your desk.


This year’s new home office design trend is a smart desk that integrates modern technology into its design. You’ll find these sleek desks in home offices worldwide, with features like integrated technology, including wireless charging, USB charging points, and Bluetooth speakers with touch-sensitive controls.


It has also been found that sit-stand desks have the ability to increase productivity from up to 10-20%.


And if you’re looking for something even more luxurious, the heated smart desk has a wipe-clean glass top for jotting down your bright ideas and keeps you warm throughout your working day with the integrated electric heater.


So whether you’re looking for a new way to work or want to update your old office space, consider adding some innovative style with a beautiful, smart desk.

A home office setup using a smart desk for improved productivity.

Optimise Your Furniture

For the modern professional looking to add a touch of luxury and work inspiration to their interior design, look no further than a minimalistic style fused with modern technology.


A great way to start is to incorporate innovative furniture that can revolutionise the environment and increase productivity. Smart furniture can revolutionise your productivity, offering a fully-customisable workspace and integration with the latest innovations in productivity technology.


Consider opting for a smart side table featuring integrated Bluetooth speakers and subwoofers with premium-quality sound.


Not only will they let you blast your favourite tunes while working, but they also have built-in wireless charging on the surface and a USB charging point.


Eliminating time spent hunting down cables and keeping devices topped up – perfect for home offices and an all-important boost in productivity.


Improve your home office productivity with the Zain side table speaker, the perfect companion to your home furniture.


No Need To Sacrifice Comfort For Style Anymore


For contemporary professionals, it’s essential to equip themselves with the right everyday items in their home office.


If you work from home, you know how hard it is to stay focused when there’s always something going on around you. With these wireless noise cancelling headphones, though, you can take calls without having to worry about the background noise.


They give outstanding call performance within a 30-metres wireless range, so even if you’re on a call and need to grab a coffee, it won’t interrupt your conversation. In Performance Mode, with the microphone boom-arm down, it’s specifically optimised for outstanding calls in open-plan offices or busy homes.


Working professionals know how crucial productivity is in order to meet quotas and deadlines. A great way to maximise productivity while working from home or out of the office is to invest in a pair of high quality wireless headphones.


According to the most recent data on headset usage, headsets can increase workplace productivity by about 43%.


Not only do these headphones offer superior sound quality and comfort, but their unique beige coloration makes them stand out among the traditional black variants.


Their stunning aesthetics add to the productivity-enhancing benefits of the ergonomic design, making those long hours spent on Zoom calls all the more pleasant and productive, as well as adding a stylish touch at the same time.


Experience maximum flexibility and convenience by embracing modern minimalism with cutting-edge technology.


Jabra wireless noise cancelling headphones help o block our distractions and increase productivity.

Work With Ultimate Tranquillity


For modern working-from-home professionals who crave a minimalistic yet inspiring interior design that seamlessly integrates modern technology, looking to boost productivity levels can be as simple as upgrading their current office chair.


Ergonomically designed office chairs offer greater comfort and support, allowing a distraction-free workspace.


This creates an incredible home office that is sophisticated yet cosy and encourages better work habits so you can feel inspired while you work.


From memory foam padding to adjustable lumbar supports, ergonomic chairs are the perfect way to stay comfortable while increasing productivity, making them ideal for modern professionals.


Your comfort level is directly linked to your productivity and focus, so being surrounded by cosy items is key.


You will retain more focus on the task at hand when sitting comfortably, allowing for better results overall. People who are uncomfortable in their working environment are often less motivated and productivity-driven.


With a high-quality, fully ergonomic home office chair featuring a premium Italian mesh back and ultra-soft back support for 24-hour usage, you will be sure to stay comfortable throughout those long work days.


A 24-hour rated ergonomic home office chair combining style and comfort for improved productivity.

Increase Your Natural Light Consumption


Transform your home workspace into an oasis of productivity and well-being with a modern minimalist interior design infused with the latest technology.


Take it to the next level by upgrading your desk lamp to an energy-boosting SAD lamp – medically graded light that simulates the sun and provides daily light therapy to boost mood, energy and productivity.


The months of darkness and cold, when there is less natural light and individuals are less inclined to spend time outdoors, are when most people experience seasonal affective disorder (SAD).


Serotonin levels may drop due to this decrease in sunshine exposure. A person’s mood and circadian rhythm are both influenced by serotonin.


Melatonin levels are typically greater in those with SAD. The hormone that helps people feel sleepy is called melatonin, which is produced by the brain. An excess of melatonin during the day can make you feel tired and sleepy.


SAD lamps feature an adjustable neck and touch-controlled light settings, allowing you to customise your lighting preferences throughout the day, helping you fight off symptoms of SAD and winter blues.


Take control of your work environment to boost your productivity and maximise performance – a must for a modern home office.


Improve your productivity at home with a Lumie Halo Light - designed to imitate sunlight for added vitamin C during the winter months.


Reduce Your Headaches


If you’re a professional looking to boost productivity with contemporary interior design, adding a few smart modern touches, like a humidifier, is a perfect solution.


Not only can it improve air quality and guarantee your health and comfort, but it also stands unassuming in any room with its elegant, sleek design.


Furthermore, this humidifier is optimal for professionals working from home because it operates entirely noiselessly – not to mention more energy-efficient than traditional ones.


Besides increasing your home’s humidity levels and eliminating stinging eyes, headaches, fatigue or static electricity, you can even take advantage of aromatherapy oils to add some extra relaxation throughout your day.


So why not choose a modern humidifier to help make your home office workdays healthier and more comfortable, ultimately boosting your productivity?


Reduce headaches and improve your productivity with a humidifier.


Introduce Cleaner Air To Your Environment


Make your home office a modern and luxurious retreat with the addition of an air purifier.


Keeping your air clean can boost productivity, and with the added touch of modern technology to do the job for you, working from home has never been easier or more comfortable.


The filter inside the air purifier will automatically adjust fan speed based on real-time conditions reported by its integrated particle sensor, trapping large particles and odours from sources such as pets and cooking.


With its three-part filtration system consisting of a pre-filter, combination Particle and Carbon Filter, and main particle filter, every breath you take while working hard in your home office will be one of cleanliness and comfort.


Recent studies have shown that indoor air quality significantly affects productivity, health and energy levels. Adding an air purifier to your home office ensures cleaner, fresher air for you to work in, leading to improved productivity and focus. Not only does this benefit your productivity as you work from home, but also your overall health long-term.


You can rest easy knowing that you’re creating the perfect atmosphere for optimal work performance.


Relive your allergies and boost your productivity at home with an air purifier.




Home offices are becoming increasingly popular as people strive to find a better work-life balance.


By integrating devices that can make your work life easier, you’ll be able to focus on what’s important and get more done.


If you want to create an incredible home office that boosts your productivity, consider using some tips in this blog. From smart desks that help you stay organised to noise-cancelling headphones that keep distractions at bay, there are plenty of ways to set up your space for success.


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