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Health Benefits Of A Height Adjustable Desk

We all know how important it is to be healthy and take care of our bodies. But, did you know that one of the best ways to promote better health is by using a height adjustable desk?

With its many benefits, a height adjustable desk can help you stay active and comfortable while you work.

From reducing neck and back pain to improving circulation, the benefits of a height adjustable desk can provide you with a healthier work environment.

In this blog post, we will explore the many health benefits of using a height adjustable desk.


What is a height adjustable desk?

A height adjustable desk, or sit stand desk, is an ergonomic desk that uses smart technology to easily transition from a sitting to standing position.

This type of desk allows you to explore and create their perfect desk setup by optimising comfort, enabling the user to switch from sitting to standing in seconds.

Ergonomic desks feature memory settings for easy saving and switching between preferred sitting and standing heights, as well as anti-collision and child lock functions for a safe and productive environment.

Many of these desks come with additional tech features such as Bluetooth speakers, wireless charging, USB and USB-C charging points, making them even more efficient and productive.

Our favourite height adjustable desk is the Lana Smart Electric Height adjustable Desk by Koble Designs.

Lana provides complete versatility within your workspace with adjustability from 74cm to 120cm in 22 seconds.

Lana’s additional tech features help to optimise your working day with Bluetooth speakers, wireless charging and charging ports, working from home has never been more proactive.



What are the health risks associated with traditional working environments?

Did you know that adults across the UK spend around 9 hours a day sitting down?

We all know how important it is to stay active, yet sitting down for long periods has become unavoidable in today’s world. From office desks to commute times, sitting down is becoming the largest modern risk to our health.

This extended period of inactivity can cause a slowdown in our metabolism, increasing our risk of developing type 2 diabetes and our risk of developing cancer.

Poor circulation caused by extended periods of sitting can lead to blood clots, while long-term strain on the neck from sitting can result in muscle degeneration, herniated disks, posture issues and weakened bones.

Fortunately, ergonomic desks and sit stand desks offer an easy solution to this problem.

These adjustable desks can help you find the perfect position and encourage movement throughout the day – allowing you to reap the health benefits of both sitting and standing.


How a height adjustable desk can help

Research proves switching between sitting and standing is beneficial for our health and happiness. People who move more, feel better and people who feel better, work better!

Ergonomic desks, also known as sit stand desks, are designed to allow you to alternate between sitting and standing positions.

This type of adjustable desk provides health benefits by allowing you to adjust the height and position of your desk to match your height, preventing long-term strain on the neck and spine.

Height adjustable desks can also help with your overall well-being. By allowing you to stand and move around while working, you are able to take regular breaks and avoid prolonged sitting.

This helps to improve circulation, reduce the risk of blood clots, and increase energy levels.

The flexibility provided by a height adjustable desk also allows for more ergonomic positioning of the keyboard, mouse, and monitor.

This ensures that you aren’t hunched over or strained in an uncomfortable position, leading to fewer aches and pains.



What are the benefits of using a height-adjustable desk?

One of the greatest advantages to using a height adjustable desk is that it allows you to work while standing.

Studies have shown that standing can be beneficial for both physical and mental health. Standing encourages better posture, strengthens the muscles and helps keep the spine aligned correctly, reducing back pain and fatigue.

Additionally, standing can increase your energy levels, improving productivity and focus.

Not only does standing provide physical benefits, but it can also have positive psychological effects.

Standing has been found to help reduce stress and anxiety, increase motivation and boost overall mood. Plus, when you’re able to move around more freely at a height adjustable desk, you may find yourself more engaged with your work.

In fact, Scandinavian countries require that by law companies must provide sit-stand desks to employees with sedentary jobs. They’re that beneficial!

The key to reaping the benefits of standing is finding the right balance between sitting and standing.

Investing in an ergonomic sit-stand desk will give you the flexibility to easily transition from sitting to standing throughout the day.

Doing so can help keep your body active and energised, which can lead to improved concentration, higher quality of work and even better overall health.

For optimum health benefits pair your standing desk with a standing desk mat.

Designed to help keep you moving throughout your working day, Buros Solace exceptionally thick and comfortable standing mat relieves pressure for all-day standing by increasing blood circulation and reducing back pressure, boosting the benefits of using a height adjustable desk.


benefits height adjustable desk


How can a height adjustable desk benefit my working day?

In today’s world, many of us spend much of our days at our desks.

That being said, it is important to make sure that you are comfortable in your workspace.

An ergonomic sit stand desk is the perfect way to ensure that you are not suffering from any physical issues due to sitting for too long.

Sitting for extended periods of time can be hard on your body, causing chronic back pains and other types of discomfort.

An ergonomic sit stand desk allows you to adjust the height of your desk so that it is comfortable for you. This is beneficial because it helps reduce the strain on your body, improving your posture and increasing blood flow.

Standing at a sit stand desk also helps increase muscle activity, as opposed to when you are sitting for long periods of time. This helps to keep your muscles active and toned, thus reducing stress and fatigue.

Not only does an ergonomic sit stand desk provide you with comfort, it also increases productivity.

Studies have shown that an average person can increase their productivity by at least 10-20% when using a sit stand desk.

Additionally, having the ability to stand instead of sitting all day can improve your mood and energy levels, further increasing your productivity.

For a budget friendly upgrade, invest in a standing desk converter, a modern and simple solution to turn any desk into a standing desk.

Gain the benefits of a standing desk whilst keeping your perfect office space or change it up on a budget. Sit or stand at your chosen height from 12cm to 50cm with Koble Designs Nova Standing Desk Converter.




How a sit stand desk benefits companies

The use of ergonomic sit-stand desks in the workplace has become increasingly popular as employers recognise their potential to improve both employee satisfaction and productivity.

Sit-stand desks provide an easy way for employees to switch between sitting and standing throughout the day, promoting better posture and providing relief from the pains and discomforts associated with prolonged sitting.

These ergonomic desks help to create a more collaborative working environment by allowing employees to stand and interact with each other more easily.

They also improve communication and engagement by reducing the amount of time spent seated at individual desks.

Employers who invest in sit-stand desks are rewarded with increased efficiency, productivity and overall performance.

Standing rather than sitting helps to energise and motivate employees while also reducing the number of absences due to illness, pain or discomfort caused by sitting.

Additionally, investing in ergonomic desks also helps to boost employee morale and satisfaction with the company.

By creating a healthier and more comfortable working environment, employers can ensure that their employees are able to work effectively and efficiently throughout the day.



Why you should switch to a height adjustable desk

Numerous health experts and chiropractors have produced studies containing evidence that stretching your legs and regular body movement every so often will improve your circulation. Helping prevent weight gain and lower the risk of diabetes.

This makes it incredibly important that you try and maintain some form of movement and mobility when working from a desk for prolonged periods.

This can be a challenge in today’s society with more than 70% of us claiming to have a job that has us tied to a workstation in excess of 8 hours a day.

Since Covid-19 the majority of us are now spending a lot of our time in front of a computer at home, so it’s essential that we take steps to improve our ergonomics and physical health.

A height adjustable, sit-stand desk is an ideal way to do this, as well as getting out on your lunch break and hitting those 10,000 steps!

Incorporating a height adjustable desk is the perfect solution to a healthier lifestyle, offering an easy way to increase your general activity and NEAT (Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis) from your home office.

By switching to a height adjustable sit-stand desk, you will be able to reduce any physical strain associated with long periods of sitting and increase your overall activity level.

This can help reduce fatigue and neck and back pain while providing increased alertness, energy and concentration levels.

Additionally, it can help you burn more calories and prevent weight gain, aiding in reducing the risk of diabetes.

The Buro Range are the perfect desk for everyone, boasting the widest range of adjustability from 625mm to 1285mm. This expansive selection of height adjustable desks also offers accessibility to wheelchair users.


benefits height adjustable desk



The use of ergonomic desks, such as height adjustable sit stand desks, can provide a number of health benefits.

Sitting for long periods of time can lead to a host of physical and mental health issues. Height adjustable desks can alleviate these issues by allowing you to switch between sitting and standing throughout the day.

This variation in posture helps to reduce back pain, fatigue, and other physical problems. Additionally, standing can also help boost focus and productivity.

The use of height adjustable desks is becoming increasingly popular among both employees and employers alike due to the numerous health benefits it provides.


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