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How A Height Adjustable Desk Can Help Your Team Be More Productive

Are you looking for a way to increase productivity within your team? A height adjustable desk may be the answer you’re looking for.

Height adjustable desks have been shown to have a range of benefits for both physical and mental well-being, as well as improved performance in the workplace.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss how a height adjustable desk can help your team be more productive, including:

  • The Benefits Of A Height Adjustable Desk
  • How A Height Adjustable Desk Can Improve Your Teams Productivity
  • The Best Height Adjustable Desks For Your Office
  • Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Your Height Adjustable Desk


The Jupiter MFC Desk in white is a modern height adjustable desk, designed to keep you moving whilst working from home.

The Benefits Of A Height Adjustable Desk

A height adjustable desk, also known as a standing desk or sit-stand desk, is a type of desk that allows you to change the height of the desk surface. This means you can seamlessly switch between sitting and standing while you work.

There are many benefits to using a standing desk, and one of the biggest is how it can improve productivity in the workplace.

One study of 140 people who transferred from a static to a standing desk environment, found that 52% reported feeling more productive, and 43% reported seeing a significant performance improvement. This is because sitting for extended periods can lead to fatigue and discomfort, which can make it difficult to focus and be productive.

By providing your employees with the option to stand or sit as they work, you can help them stay focused, engaged, and comfortable throughout the day.

In addition to improving productivity, using a height adjustable desk can also have other health benefits.

For example, standing for as little as 2 hours a day can decrease the harmful effects of prolonged sitting such as weight gain.

Did you know that standing burns three times more calories per hour than sitting?

Additionally, switching to a sit-stand desk improves your blood flow while also giving you regular physical activity to stabilise your glucose levels.


A study by the Mayo Clinic found that employees who use standing desks had an 80% lower risk of suffering from back pain than those who did not use them.

The same study also revealed that when compared with sitting workers, participants who stood had significantly higher scores on tests measuring overall physical fitness and flexibility. They also had better blood sugar levels and lower blood pressure.

Making this small and simple change to your employee’s work-life will leave them feeling healthier and happier.


The premium Buro Home White Frame Height Adjustable Desk is available in 6 top finishes, so you can build your dream desk that matches your style.

How A Height Adjustable Desk Can Improve Your Teams Productivity

As a team leader or manager, you are always looking for ways to improve productivity in the workplace. One simple and effective way to do this is by investing in height adjustable desks for your team.

By providing your team with standing desks, you are encouraging them to move more throughout the day and take breaks from sitting. This can help to reduce the health risks of prolonged sitting which can reduce sick days and improve productivity and overall wellbeing.

When employees are able to switch between sitting and standing whenever it’s convenient, they maintain better focus and energy levels throughout the day.

They can also adjust their desks to suit their individual preferences, which can lead to improved comfort and reduced distractions.


The premium Buro Home White Frame Height Adjustable Desk is available in 6 top finishes, so you can build your dream desk that matches your style.


The Best Standing Desks For Your Office

Choosing the right height adjustable desk for your office is important when it comes to improving productivity. Consider the needs of your team and the space available when making your decision. A well-designed desk can help your team work smarter and more efficiently.

Here are some of the best standing desks that can help improve productivity in the workplace:

Buro Industrial Dual Motor Height Adjustable Desk: This eco-friendly desks frame is crafted from 25% recycled steel, while its desktops are made from 100% FSC-certified forests. It has a simple and elegant design, allowing it to blend into any setting. It’s height adjustable from 64cm to 130cm and is one of our highest rising desks. It also has an impressive weight capacity of 120kg and quiet motors, making it a great choice for any office.

Buro Ultimate Corner Triple Motor Height Adjustable Desk: This eco-friendly L-shaped desk is perfect for those that need a little extra workspace. It’s height adjustable from 62.5cm to 128.5cm and is one of our lowest falling desks. This desk has been tested for 40 years of use meaning your current and future employees will reap the benefits.

Koble Astrid 2 Tier Height Adjustable Desk: This desk is stylish and modern that combines maple effect wood and classic white. It features two levels of working space so you can choose the ideal eye level for you. It is height adjustable from 75cm to 125cm.

Lana Smart Electric Height Adjustable Desk: This glass top desk boasts impressive smart features as well as height adjustability, including a wireless charger, USB charging point and built-in Bluetooth speakers. Its wipe-clean glass top is perfect for jotting down bright ideas. You can easily adjust the height using the touch-sensitive pad from 74cm to 120cm. This desk is perfect to use as a hot desk with its 4 memory settings that allow employees to save their preferred height.

Koble Nova Standing Desk Converter: This desk converter transforms your existing desk into a height adjustable desk without going over budgets. It has a large and spacious working area with the ability to hold 2 displays and is height adjustable from 12cm to 50cm.


The premium Buro Ultimate Corner White Frame Height Adjustable Desk is available in 6 top finishes, so you can build your dream desk that matches your style.


Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Your Height Adjustable Desk

Investing in a height adjustable desk is a great step towards improving your team’s productivity, but there are a few tips you can use to maximize the benefits:

  1. Use the desk’s height adjustments strategically: Consider using a higher setting for tasks that require standing or walking around, like brainstorming sessions, and lower settings for more focused work that requires sitting. Use this guide to ensure that your posture and height of the desk are correct.
  2. Take frequent breaks: While it may be tempting to work for hours at a time at your new adjustable desk, it’s important to take breaks throughout the day. This will help you avoid burnout and stay refreshed, which can lead to more productivity.
  3. Customise your workspace: Make sure your desk is set up to suit your individual work needs. Whether that means adding a monitor arm, using an ergonomic chair, or finding the perfect lighting, personalising your workspace can help you be more productive.
  4. Encourage your team to use the desk: If you’re investing in standing desks for your team, make sure everyone knows how to use them and encourage them to take advantage of their benefits. This can help foster a culture of productivity in the workplace.


The Oskar Height Adjustable Desk from Koble Designs, a retro design with a mahogany effect desktop and black frame finish. Sit or stand at your chosen height from 75cm to 125cm.


A height adjustable desk is a great investment for any workplace looking to improve employee productivity, health and wellbeing. By using the tips in this article, you and your team can make the most out of your standing desks and see significant improvements in your team’s productivity.

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