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Top 6 Pieces to Design a Perfect Contemporary Home Office

Are you looking to create a contemporary home office that is both comfortable and stylish?

Designing a home office that meets your needs is important for productivity and relaxation. With the right pieces, you can create the perfect contemporary home office that is perfect for your lifestyle.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss the top 6 pieces you should consider for designing the ideal contemporary home office.


Contemporary home office featuring out top 6 pieces to designing the perfect contemporary home office.


1) The Right Desk

When setting up your home office, it’s essential to choose the right desk to fit your needs and the space available. A contemporary home office should have a sleek and functional desk, with ample room for your computer, papers, and other office essentials.

Consider a desk with a minimalistic design, such as a glass or acrylic top, or a wooden desk with clean lines and simple hardware. Look for a desk with built-in storage, such as drawers or shelves, to keep your office space organized and clutter-free.

If you have limited space, consider a corner desk that will make the most of your available area. If you require a larger workspace, choose a desk with a separate add-on, or invest in an L-shaped desk that provides plenty of room to spread out.

Remember that your desk is the centrepiece of your home office, so choose a piece that reflects your personal style while remaining functional and practical for your daily needs.


It’s no secret that prolonged sitting can have negative effects on our health. Health experts recommend that we switch from sitting to standing every 30-60 minutes to promote better health. Fortunately, with a height-adjustable desk, transitioning from sitting to standing is a breeze.

Additionally, using a sit-stand desk can have numerous health benefits, including reducing back pain, improving posture, and promoting better circulation.

Our range of ergonomic desks offers a variety of styles to suit everyone’s needs. Whether you prefer to work from a chair or stand, we have you covered.

Our award-winning and best-selling Lana desk not only adjusts to your preferred height, but it also boasts integrated technology and smart features that provide optimal health benefits and convenience for your home office.

The Lana desk is a contemporary smart desk designed to keep you moving while you work.

Its dual motor allows for seamless height-adjustable movement, enabling you to switch from sitting to standing without having to clear your desk.

The easy-to-use LED control panel allows you to establish your perfect height effortlessly.

The Lana desk’s built-in memory settings allow you to save up to four positions, so you can easily switch between your preferred heights.

Its smart functionality also includes an integrated wireless charging point and USB charging port, making it easy to keep your devices charged and ready to go.

You can even connect your smartphone to the desk and listen to music, podcasts, or live radio stations using the built-in Bluetooth speakers.

The touch-sensitive control panel allows you to adjust the volume, pause/play, and skip songs with ease.

The Lana desk’s toughened glass top is perfect for taking notes or drawing diagrams with a whiteboard pen.


Best working from home gadget, the Lana height adjustable desk featured on the Gadget Show is the perfect centrepiece for any contemporary home office.


2) A Good Chair

When designing a contemporary home office, a comfortable and stylish chair is essential. As you will likely spend a significant amount of time sitting at your desk, you want a chair that supports your posture and is comfortable enough to prevent any aches or pains.

When selecting a chair, look for one that is adjustable and ergonomic. This means it should have adjustable height, armrests, and back support.

A good office chair should also have a comfortable seat cushion and be made from breathable material that prevents sweat build-up during long hours of work.

Aside from being practical, your chair should also match the aesthetic of your office.

Choose a chair that complements the other furniture pieces in your space and is consistent with your overall design style.

Investing in a quality chair is crucial to creating a productive and comfortable workspace in your contemporary home office. So, don’t skimp on your chair – it’s one of the most important pieces of furniture you’ll ever purchase.

Why settle for anything less than quality and style? Our Maja fully ergonomic home office chair offers both.

With its contemporary design featuring white upholstery, grey premium Italian mesh, and a wishbone back detail, it’s sure to impress and transform your space into a luxurious environment.

Personalise the Maja to fit your needs with its height-adjustable feature ranging from 101-107.5cm, integrated operating levers, tilt with tension, 4 position lock, and seat slide function.

The Maja provides optimum support and function with its rotary-synchro mechanism, moving the seat and back together automatically.

The Maja elegantly combines style and quality, making it the perfect choice for a chair that not only looks great in your home office but also provides comfort for up to 24 hours.

Don’t settle for a mediocre chair when you can have the Maja, the perfect addition to your contemporary home office.


Maja a fully ergonomic 24 hour rated contemporary home office chair with Italian mesh and a stylish wish bone back detailing.


3) A Large Monitor Screen

In today’s world of digital technology, a large monitor screen has become an essential element of any contemporary home office set-up.

Whether you’re a graphic designer, a video editor, a writer, or a programmer, a large screen allows you to get more work done in less time, making you more productive and efficient.

A large monitor screen should be at least 24 inches, with a high resolution of 1080p or higher. This will enable you to work comfortably for hours without straining your eyes.

You should also look for a monitor with a high refresh rate, which ensures smooth movement on the screen and reduces eye fatigue.

One of the advantages of a large monitor screen is that it gives you more real estate to work with.

You can open multiple windows and apps side by side, and easily switch between them. This means that you can work on multiple projects simultaneously without having to constantly switch between windows.

If you’re a gamer, a large monitor screen can also improve your gaming experience.

You can see more of the game world and have a wider field of view, which can give you a competitive edge.

Additionally, many modern games are optimized for large screens, which means that you’ll get a better graphics and visual experience.

When it comes to choosing a monitor, you can opt for a curved or flat screen, depending on your preference.

Curved screens are ideal for immersive gaming and watching movies, while flat screens are better for productivity and work-related tasks.

Maximize your productivity and seamlessly transition from work to play with the Samsung HD 34” Curved LED Monitor.

This monitor provides a smooth and uninterrupted experience on a single screen, allowing you to multitask with ease.

The deeply curved screen is designed to match the natural curvature of your eyes, providing comfortable viewing and reducing eye strain and headaches.

Additionally, the height-adjustable stand and tilt feature enables you to adjust the monitor to the perfect height for your eye level, enhancing your viewing comfort.

The glossy white rear casing and curving of the monitor incorporate a space to neatly stow away cables, keeping your desk wire-free and organized.

With this monitor, you can enjoy a professional and sleek workspace that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.


The perfect 34 inch curved screen monitor from can transition from day work tasks to night gaming sessions.



4) Wireless Headphones

For anyone working in a home office, a good pair of headphones is essential.

Not only can they help you focus by blocking out external noise, but they also give you the ability to take phone calls and participate in online meetings without disturbing those around you.

Wireless headphones, in particular, are great for keeping cords out of the way and allowing for easier mobility.

When looking for wireless headphones for your home office, consider features such as noise-cancellation, comfortable padding, and a long battery life.

The Bose QuietComfort 35 II is a popular choice with its advanced noise-cancellation technology and up to 20 hours of battery life. Another great option is the Sony WH-1000XM4, which has a longer battery life of up to 30 hours and also features advanced noise-cancellation technology.

The Jabra Evolve2 75 Wireless On-Ear Headphones are a popular choice with its advanced noise-cancellation technology and up to 36 hours of music time or 24 hours of talking time.

Say goodbye to tangled cords and hello to seamless connectivity. Experience the freedom to connect effortlessly to your laptop and smart devices, while enjoying the professional sound quality you deserve.

The Jabra wireless headphones offer unparalleled convenience with their quick charging feature. In just 15 minutes, you can enjoy up to 4 hours of battery life. Alternatively, fully charge your headphones for up to 36 hours of music time or 24 hours of talk time. It’s a no-brainer!

With Jabra Evolve noise-cancelling headphones, you can immerse yourself in crystal-clear audio calls and music.

With the tap of a button, you can switch from noise cancellation to hearing the outside world without having to remove your headset.

Equipped with 40mm speakers and dual-form discovery, these headphones deliver exceptional sound quality that will elevate your work experience.

The microphone boom arm is designed to be used or hidden away, ensuring reliable and clear calls every time.

Take control of your workday and enjoy the flexibility to grab a coffee or move around while on a call with Jabra wireless headphones.

Investing in a good pair of wireless headphones can truly enhance your home office experience and increase your productivity.


Jabra Eveolve2 75 Wireless On-Ear Headphones, making wireless connectivity easy.


5) Decorative Desk Lamp

A desk lamp can make a huge difference in how your home office looks and feels. In addition to being functional, a decorative desk lamp can be an attractive accessory that adds style and personality to your workspace.

When selecting a decorative desk lamp for your home office, think about the style and colours of your decor. Choose a lamp that complements the colours and overall aesthetic of your workspace.

If you have a minimalist, modern office design, you might want to choose a sleek and simple lamp in a neutral colour. If your workspace is more eclectic and vibrant, you might prefer a colourful lamp with a unique shape or design.

In addition to aesthetics, consider the type of lighting you need in your workspace.

Do you need a lamp that provides task lighting for reading or writing, or one that offers ambient lighting to create a cosy atmosphere? Make sure to choose a lamp that meets your specific needs.

Lastly, don’t forget about energy efficiency. Many decorative desk lamps now come with LED bulbs, which use significantly less energy than traditional bulbs. This not only saves you money on your energy bill, but it’s also a more environmentally friendly option.

Some popular decorative desk lamp styles include vintage or retro designs, modern or industrial designs, and natural or botanical designs. Or experience the freedom of a flexible working environment by opting for wireless lighting solutions.


Decorate your contemporary home office with the perfect accessory, a portable wireless LED Desk Lamp.


The Twiggy retro-designed Wireless LED Desk Lamp boasts a lightweight, portable design with a remarkable 9-hour battery life, making it ideal for long working days or when you’re on-the-go.

Once you’ve enjoyed your 9 hours of uninterrupted lighting, simply charge up the lamp using the complimentary charging base.

With the dimming feature, you can switch between two lighting options and create the perfect lighting set-up to suit your needs throughout the day.

The matte finish of the Twiggy Wireless Desk Lamp allows it to blend seamlessly into your home or workspace, while providing you with the flexibility to take your light wherever you go.



Decorate your desk with a light that can do more than it looks, with a Qi wireless charging base you can keep your smartphone topped up with ease. If you’re looking for a lighting solution that also doubles up as a charging station for your phone, look no further than the sleek Arc Lamp.

With its modern design, the Arc Desk Lamp allows you to charge your Qi-enabled smartphone while directing the light to where it’s needed with its flexible head.

Easily adjust the brightness and colour temperature of your light using the touch-sensitive control panel, and set the timer mode to switch off your light automatically after 40 minutes.

The Arc Desk Lamp is the perfect combination of style and functionality, making it an excellent addition to any contemporary workspace.

With so many options available, you’re sure to find a desk lamp that complements your style and needs perfectly.


6) Heater to keep you warm

Working from home can be challenging, especially during the colder months when temperatures start to drop.

That’s why a portable heater is an essential must-have for any contemporary home office setup.

A good heater will not only keep you warm but also help maintain productivity during those long work hours.

When it comes to choosing a heater, there are plenty of options available in the market.

However, the most common and popular types are small portable convection or ceramic heaters.

Ceramic heaters are perfect for home office spaces as they are compact and portable. They are also energy-efficient and have an auto-shutoff feature for added safety. On the other hand, convection heaters are excellent for larger rooms and provide constant heat for an extended period.

Heated Desks are another great option, especially for those who want instant heat. They use infrared technology to provide warmth and are perfect for those who need immediate heating.

When selecting a heater, ensure you choose the right size based on your room size, insulation, and temperature requirements.

Also, consider the heater’s safety features, noise levels, and energy efficiency to save money on electricity bills.

If you’re searching for the ideal solution to keep your home office warm during chilly days? Look no further than the Duux Threesixty heater.

This compact heater boasts a unique design that delivers more power than you might expect.

Thanks to its built-in fan, the Threesixty heater heats rooms up to 30m² twice as fast as traditional heaters.

With three heating, two ventilation, and boost mode settings, this smart heater is perfect for your office space. Plus, it’s app-compatible and features a 360-degree design that ensures even distribution of heat.

The Threesixty heater’s small, matte design allows it to blend seamlessly into your home without taking up unnecessary space. You can easily place it on or underneath your desk for maximum comfort.

Invest in the Threesixty heater for a smart, efficient, and stylish way to keep your contemporary home office warm and cosy during the colder months.


Keep your home office warm and stylish with a contemporary small but powerful Duux Threesixty smart heater.



Creating a contemporary home office that caters to your work style and needs requires careful consideration and the right pieces of equipment.

In this blog post, we have outlined the top six must-haves for a perfect contemporary home office.

These include a suitable desk, comfortable chair, large monitor screen, wireless headphones, decorative desk lamp, and a heater to keep you warm.

Investing in these essentials can significantly enhance your productivity, comfort, and satisfaction while working from home.

With these pieces, you’ll have everything you need to create a stylish, comfortable, and productive work environment.

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