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Best Ergonomic Smart Desk Your Colleagues Will Envy You For

Investing in the right equipment and tools can help you work smarter, not harder, and give you the edge you need to stay ahead of the competition. With the best ergonomic smart desk, it’s easy! 

In a study of workers that ditched their traditional sitting desks for a smart desk, 65% reported an increase in productivity and a positive impact on their health outside of the workplace. 

Make your colleagues green with envy when they see your smart, ergonomic desk setup. This innovative desk will not only increase your productivity, but also promote your overall health and well-being.

In this article, we will delve more into the best ergonomic smart desk that your colleagues would envy you for which will include:

  • Optimise Your Health With A Smart Desk 
  • Level Up Your Home Office 
  • Amaze Your Colleagues: Smart Features You Can’t Live Without
  • Work From Home Without Worry 
  • Create The Perfect Working Environment With A Smart Desk
  • Tidy Space, Tidy Mind
  • Location Is Key

A complete home office set-up with a white and maple height adjustable desk and a white and black office chair.

Optimise Your Health With A Smart Desk

Did you know that standing while you work is an excellent way to lose weight, lower your blood sugar levels, reduce back pain, and improve energy levels and mood?! 

Boost your health and leave the aches and pains of a static desk behind. Join the trend towards a healthier lifestyle and transform your work habits to prioritise your health and well-being.

An ergonomic smart desk (also known as a height-adjustable or rising desk) incorporates technology with design to boost efficiency, productivity and health, so you can burn calories whilst you work. 

Whether you’re searching for a healthy and modern way to work or aiming to revamp your existing office space, consider incorporating style and convenience with a sleek and contemporary smart desk.

Not only will it add a touch of sophistication to your workspace, but it will also provide you with the latest technology to make your workday more efficient and enjoyable.


Level Up Your Home Office

Are you fed up with moving your workstation from the kitchen bench to your dining table on a daily basis? Are you Ready to reduce pain and increase comfort? Switch from sitting to standing at the touch of a button and level up your home office with the Ola Height Adjustable Desk from Koble Designs, a stylish and modern ergonomic smart desk. 

This innovative ergonomic desk is powered by an electric motor so you can switch between sitting and standing seamlessly using the push-sensitive buttons.

Enjoy the convenience of adjusting your workstation to your desired height with ease so you can stay healthy, productive and comfortable while you work! 


Amaze Your Colleagues: Smart Features You Can’t Live Without

Prevent distraction and procrastination that comes with working from home and create the perfect setup you need to focus on the tasks that matter most. 

If you’re always running low on charge throughout your working day, can never find the cables you need or have limited plugs in your home office then this ones for you! 

Eliminate the time wasted searching for cables and make your workday more efficient by charging all your devices from your desk! Yes, your desk! 

The Ola Smart Desk features 2 USB ports and 1 USB-C port so you’ll never get caught out of battery again!

Not only does the Ola offer adjustable height, but it also provides a convenient and hassle-free experience.

With its memory setting feature, you can customise your desk to your exact needs, making it a truly personalised experience. Set and save your perfect height from sitting to standing with its digital display, so you can adjust conveniently every time. 

With this simple solution, you can save time and energy, allowing you to maximise productivity, minimise procrastination and be the envy of your colleagues in no time.



Work From Home Without Worry 

Worried about those tampering little hands that come with working from home? 

Keep your workspace secure and your mind at ease, so you can focus on the task at hand, with Ola’s smart built-in anti-collision function. Designed to prevent collisions and costly damages, it’s perfect for any space. So, if you have a toddler at home, you can be sure they’re safe in your work environment. 

Don’t let those little hands get in the way of your productivity – invest in this desk and enjoy a safe and secure workspace.


Benefits Of The Ola Smart Desk 

  • Height adjustable from 75cm to 125cm
  • 4x memory settings 
  • Anti-collision function 
  • 2x USB ports 
  • 1x USB-C port 

Read more about the benefits of height adjustable desks


Create The Perfect Working Environment With A Smart Desk 

When you consider the amount of time you spend in your home office, it’s important to work in an atmosphere that inspires, invigorates, motivates, and relaxes. 

In fact, research suggests that office furniture has a much bigger impact than some might think. Choosing office furniture that inspires you, creates comfort and offers ergonomics is a key factor in productivity levels and can increase by as much as 32%.

Achieve an increase in your productivity and motivation levels by filling your home office with ergonomic furniture that suits your personality. 

The Ola ergonomic desk helps create a positive atmosphere with its classic white and maple wood design. Its elegant colours draw light into the room to boost serotonin throughout the day. 

Did you know optimising the amount of natural light in an office significantly improves health and wellness? A study found by boosting natural light into their working environment helped boost productivity and empowered employees to work better and be healthier. 

The Ola Smart Desk creates an elegant and sophisticated piece of furniture for your home office. Its sleek design and modern features will make it the envy of the entire office, transforming your workspace into a stylish and productive environment.


Tidy Space, Tidy Mind

Working in an area that is cluttered and therefore cramped will impact your productivity and can even increase your workload. Research suggests a messy desk can increase procrastination and triggers for coping such as snacking on junk food or watching tv. 

Research also shows that having a clean and tidy desk not only increases productivity but also helps to create a sense of control that leads to increased self-confidence. As the saying goes, tidy space, tidy mind. 

Space out with the Ola smart desk and take full advantage of the soft closing storage drawers to habitat your home office essentials. The soft closing drawers close slowly, softly, and silently and offer protection to your belongings from sliding around and banging against the walls. 

With these Integrated storage drawers, the ergonomic desk saves you the hassle and expense of having to purchase additional shelving and drawers for your home office, enabling you to better manage your space and budget.


Location is key

Finding a desk that fits into your work area can be difficult, especially when space is limited. 

Having a dedicated space with minimal distractions will help achieve a productive working environment. Whether that’s your dining room, spare bedroom, or an actual office space in your home!

With an ergonomic desk, you can replace time spent sitting on your phone with standing, kickstarting your motivation and productivity. 

The Ola smart desk comes with built-in storage drawers, allowing you to keep your phone out of sight and out of mind, so you can focus on your work task. 

With Ola’s height-adjustable functionality and integrated storage, you’ll only need to setup one area to work from as it accommodates a sitting and standing position while reducing the need for extra storage units, so you can create a home office that will make your colleagues green with envy.

Whether you’re in a suburban home or an urban apartment, the Ola is designed to fit your space. With an average length of 120 cm and a width of just 60 cm, it’s the perfect smart desk for any area. Easily adjust the height from 75 cm to 125 cm with its touch-sensitive control panel and enjoy the benefits of an ergonomic desk today.



Upgrade your home office without compromising tech for design and create a smart home office hub that your colleagues will be sure to envy. 

Transform your workspace into a modern, efficient, and stylish environment that will make you the envy of your peers. 

With the right combination of technology and design, you can create a home office that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. 


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Coolector, Jan 2023

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